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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Experimental and thermodynamic study of heterogeneous and homogeneous equilibri...N. D. Chatterjee; T. Waterwiese; l. Dierdorf; J. Göttlicher61
Imprint of meteoric water on the stable isotope compositions of igneous and sec...J. R. O'Neil; M. E. Brandriss; R. J. Nevle; D. K. Bird74
The relationship be­tween websterite and peridotite in the Balmuccia peridotite...G. Rivalenti; A. W. Hofmann; M. Mazzucchelli; R. Vannucci275
Strontium and oxygen isotope profiles across marble-silicate contacts, Lizzies ...M. J. Bickle; H. J. Chapman; S. M. Wickham; M. T. Peters400
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