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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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U-Pb geochronology of the Grenville Orogen of Ontario and New York: constraints...E. J. Essene; K. Mezger; A. N. Halliday; B. A. van der Pluijm13
The occurrence and distribution of Mo and molybdenite in unaltered peralkaline ...R. L. Hervig; G. A. Mahood; J. B. Lowenstern; J. Sparks119
Remobilisation of the continental lithosphere by a mantle plume: major-, trace-...C. J. Hawkesworth; A. J. Naldrett; P. C. Lightfoot; J. Hergt171
Volatile characteristics of peralkaline rhyolites from Kenya: an ion mi­croprob...R. Macdonald; A. E. Fallick; M. C. Wilding; J. E. Davies264
Liquid immiscibility between trachyte and car­bonate in ash flow tuffs from Ken...R. Macdonald; G. R. Davies; B. A. Kjarsgaard; I. P. Skilling276
Evaluating crustal contamination in continental basalts: the isotopic compositi...G. G. Goles; A. D. Brandon; P. R. Hooper; R. S. J. Lambert452
Simulation of primary phase relations and mineral compositions in the Partridge...N. K. Grant; C. l. Chalokwu; A. A. Ariskin; G. S. Bar­mina539
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