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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Non-ideal mixing in the phlogopite-annite binary: constraints from experimental...S. K. Sen; M. Raith; A. Bhattacharya; L. Mohanty; A. Maji87
Basalt magmatism along the passive continental margin of SE Brazil (Campos basi...G. Bellieni; A. M. P. Mizusaki; R. Petrini; P. Com­in-Chiaramonti143
Evidence for inherited Sm - Nd isotopes in granitoid zirconsG. Rogers; W. E. Stephens; B. A. Paterson378
Petrogenesis of Variscan high-temperature Group A eclogites from the Moldanubia...B. L. Beard; C. M. Johnson; L. G. Jr. Medaris; H. K. Brueckner468
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