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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Nd, Sr, and O isotopic variations in metaluminous ash-flow tuffs and related vo...G. L. Farmer; D. E. Broxton; R. G. Warren; W. Pickthorn53
Chemical and isotopic composition of the Iower crust beneath the Meguma Lithote...D. B. Clarke; G. W. Eberz; A. K. Chatterjee; P. S. Giles69
The system NaAISi3O8 - H2O - H2 (1200 C, 2kbar): the solubility and interaction...N. I. Bezmen; V. A. Zharikov; M. B. Epelbaum; V. O. Zavelsky89
Na-rich carbonate inclusions in perovskite and calzirtite from the Guli intrusi...C. M. B. Henderson; L. N. Kogarko; D. A. Plant; B. A. Kjarsgaard124
The difficulties of dating mafic dykes: an Antarctic exampleL. P. Black; J. W. Sheraton; P. D. Kinny183
Metasomatic oxidation of upper mantle peridotiteA. V. McGuire; M. D. Dyar; J. E. Nielson252
Convection and crystal settling in sillsF. G. F. Gibb; Henderson C. M. B.538
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