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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Chronology and mechanism of depletion in Lewisian granulitesM. J. O'Hara; R. K. O'Nions; A. S. Cohen142
The tholeiite to alkalic basalt transition at Haleakala Volcano, Maui, HawaiiG. B. Dalrymple; S. R. Hart; F. A. Frey; M. O. Garcia; C.-Y. Chen183
Geochemistry of peridotites and mafic igneous rocks from the Central Dinaric Op...A. W. Hofmann; l. Raczek; R. Altherr; B. Lugovi?; V. Majer201
Andesite and dacite genesis via contrasting processes: the geology and geochemi...M. J. Defant; L. F. Clark; R. H. Stewart; M. S. Drummond309
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