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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Petrogenesis and paleotectonic history of the Wild Bight Group, an Ordovician r...B. J. Fryer; J. C. Roddick; J. Hertogen; G. A. Jenner; H. S. Swinden219
Mantle derivation of Archean amphibole-bearing granitoid and associated mafic r...R. L. Barnett; W. Doherty; R. H. Sutcliffe; A. R. Smith255
The structural environments of trace elements in dry and hydrous silicate glass...C. M. B. Henderson; S. C. Kohn; J. M. Charnock; G. N. Greaves359
The Nevados de Payachata volcanic region (18 S/69 W, N. Chile) II. Evidence for...G. W�ner; S. Moorbath; J. P. Davidson; N. J. McMillan412
1.1 GA K-rich alkaline plutonism in the SW Grenville provinceO. van Breemen; L. M. Heaman; L. Corriveau; F. Marcantonio473
Magma source components in an arc-continent collision zone: the Flores-Lembata ...J. D. Foden; R. Varne; A. J. Stolz; G. E. Wheller; G. R. Davies585
Diffusion of 40Ar in metamorphic hornblendeT. M. Harrison; S. L. Baldwin; Gerald J. D. Fitz691
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