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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Contributions to mineralogy and petrologyI. S. E. Carmichael; J. Hoefs
Ferric iron in mantle-derived garnetsB. J. Wood; D. Virgo; F. R. Boyd; R. W. Luth56
The record of magma chamber processes in plagioclase phenocrysts at Thera Volca...T. H. Pearce; K. Stamatelopoulou-Seymour; D. Vlassopoulos; C. Rice73
Meta-igneous origin of Hercynian peraluminous granites in N. W. French Massif C...M. Cuney; L. Turpin; M. Friedrich; J.-L. Bouchez; M. Aubertin163
Diamondiferous peridotite xenoliths from the Argyle (AK1) lamproite pipe, Weste...B. W. Chappell; A. L. Jaques; H. St. C. O'Neill; C. B. Smith; J. Moon255
Petrogenesis of Archean lamprophyres in the southern Vermilion Granitic Complex...P. l. Nabelek; G. W. McCall; R. L. Bauer; M. D. Glascock439
Calibration of Al/Si order variations in anorthiteM. A. Carpenter; R. J. Angel; L. W. Finger471
Carbon isotopic fractionation betweeen CO2 vapour, silicate and carbonate melts...D. H. Green; D. P. Mattey; W. R. Taylor; C. T. Pillinger492
Geochemistry of the Siberian Trap of the Noril'sk area, USSR, with implications...A. J. Naldrett; P. C. Lightfoot; N. S. Gorbachev; W. Doherty; V. A. Fedorenko631
Magmatism in the eastern Aleutian Arc: temporal characteristic of igneous activ...M. R. Perfit; J. D. Romick; S. E. Swanson; R. D. Shuster700
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