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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Contributions to mineralogy and petrologyI. S. E. Carmichael; J. Hoefs
A Nd and Sr isotopic study of the Ivrea zone, Southern Alps, N-ltalyJ. C. Hunziker; A. W. Hofmann; H. Voshage; A. Zingg31
Geochemistry of Tertiary alkaline rocks of the Eastern Trans-Pecos Magmatic Pro...D. O. Nelson; K. L. Nelson; K. D. Reeves; G. D. Mattison72
Crustal outgassing and LILE enrichment in major lithosphere structures, Archean...B. J. Fryer; R. Kerrich; R. W. King; L. M. Willmore; E. van Hees156
Subsolidus dehydration of amphiboles in an andesitic magma Subsolidus dehydration of amphiboles in an andesitic magma; P. Mazzone; D. C. Stewart; J. M. Hughes292
F - OH substitution in natural tremolite, talc, and phlogopiteH. J. Abercrombie; G. B. Skippen; D. D. Marshall305
Water solubility in aluminosilicate meltsP. F. McMillan; J. R. Holloway320
The origin of island arc high-alumina basaltsA. J. Crawford; T. J. Falloon; S. Eggins417
The geology and geochronology of the Annandagstoppane granite, Western Dronning...J. M. Jr. Barton; R. Klemd; H. L. Allsopp; S. H. Auret; Y. E. Copperthwaite488
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