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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Contributions to mineralogy and petrologyI. S. E. Carmichael; J. Hoefs
Microstruc­tures and flow mechanisms in regional metamorphic rocks of JapanMitsuhiro Toriumi; Jun Teruya; Megumi Masui; Hidesato Kuwahara54
Occurrence, chemistry, and origin of immiscible silicate glasses in a tholeiiti...Eric J. Essene; Donald R. Peacor; Lung-Chuan Kuo; Jung H. Lee90
Origin and history of hydrothermal fluids of the Reykjanes and Krafla geotherma...B. W. D. Yardley; A. E. Sveinbjornsdottir; M. L. Coleman99
Water solubility in a calcium aluminosilicate meltPaul McMillan; Gilles Peraudeau; John Holloway; Jean-Pierre Coutures178
Isotopic variation in the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite, central Sierra Nevada, Cali...B. W. Chappell; R. W. Kistler; D. L. Peck; P. C. Bateman205
Some binary and ternary silicate solution modelsS. K. Saxena; Y. Fei; G. Eriksson221
Fluorine in basalts from IcelandGudmundur E. Sigvaldason; Níels Óskarsson263
Con­fined fission track lengths in apatite: a diagnostic tool for thermal histo...J. F. Lovering; A. J. W. Gleadow; I. R. Duddy; P. F. Green405
Petrology of volcanic rocks from Kaula Island, HawaiiFrederick A. Frey; Michael O. Garcia; David G. Grooms461
Lithium in staurolite and its petrologic significanceM. J. Holdaway; Barbara L. Dutrow; R. W. Hinton496
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