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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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The Petrogenesis of Topaz Rhyolites from the Western United StatesE. H. Christiansen; D. M. Burt; M. F. Sheridan; R. T. Wilson16
The Ferric-Ferrous Ratio of Natural Silicate Liquids Equilibrated in AirI. S. E. Carmichael; R. O. Sack; A. Kilinc; M. L. Rivers136
Crystal-Chemistry and Cation Ordering in the System Diopside-Jadeite: A Detaile...Giuseppe Rossi; David C. Smith; Luciano Ungaretti; M. Chiara Domeneghetti247
Stability of Phlogopite-Quartz and Sanidine-Quartz: A Model for Melting in the ...A. L. Boettcher; Steven R. Bohlen; V. J. Wall; J. D. Clemens270
Rb-Sr Dating of Alteration Events in GranitoidsBeatriz Levi; Frans E. Wickman; Göran Åberg358
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