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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Oxygen Isotype Thermometry of Basic Lavas and Mantle NodulesJames R. O'Neil; Ian S. E. Carmichael; T. Kurtis Kyser11
Petrology and Geochemistry of Plagiogranite in the Canyon Mountain Ophiolite, O...William P. Leeman; David C. Gerlach; Hans G. Avé Lallemant82
An Analytical Electron Microscopic Study of a Pyroxene-Amphibole IntergrowthEric J. Essene; Philip E. Brown; Donald R. Peacor; Andrew M. Isaacs; John W. Valley115
Agents of Low Temperature Ocean Crust AlterationStanley R. Hart; Hubert Staudigel; Karlis Muehlenbachs; Stephen H. Richardson150
Evidence for the Influence of fCH4 on the Crystallinity of Disseminated Carbon ...Robert P. Wintsch; Anne F. O'Connell; Barbara L. Ransom; Mark J. Wiechmann207
Mineral-Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Namaqualand Granulites, South Africa: ...Eugen F. Stumpfl; Tom N. Clifford; Alwyn J. Burger; Terence S. McCarthy; David C. Rex225
Fe2+-Fe3+ Ordering in Chromite and Cr-Bearing SpinelsMargery D. Osborne; Michael E. Fleet; Michael G. Bancroft251
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