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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Crystal-Ring Microstructures in Oceanographer Fracture Zone BasaltsTsugio Shibata; Stephen E. DeLong; David Walker1
Geometry and Pressure-Temperature Significance of the Kyanite-Sillimanite Isogr...Edward D. Ghent; Philip S. Simony; Clifford C. Knitter67
Enthalpy of Fusion of AnorthiteD. F. Weill; J. F. Stebbins; The Enthalpy of Fusion of Anorthite; R.Carmichael, I. S. E. Hon95
Chloritoid Stability in Very Iron-Rich Altered Pillow LavasR. Kerrich; Timothy E. La Tour; R. W. Hodder; R. L. Barnett165
A Lead Isotope Study of Mineralization in the Saudi Arabian ShieldBruce R. Doe; Maryse H. Delevaux; John S. Stacey; Ralph J. Roberts; W. Gramlich175
The Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of an Ophiolitic Sequence From Pindos, GreeceG. Venturelli; J. Dostal; S. Capredi; G. Bocchi; G. Garuti; A. Rossi189
The Metapelitic Rocks of the Polymetamorphic Precambrian of Rogaland, SW Norway...Henk Kars; Ben H. Jansen; Alex C. Tobi; René P. E. Poorter235
On the Thermal Stability of Rb-Sr and K-Ar Biotite Systems: Evidence From Coexi...H. N. A. Priem; N. A. I. M. Boelrijk; E. H. Hebeda; E. A. Th. Verdurmen; R. H. Verschure; P. A. M. Andriessen; C. Maijer245
Petrogenesis of Voluminous Mid-Tertiary Ignimbrites of the Sierra Madre Occiden...Kenneth L. Cameron; Maryellen Cameron; William C. Bagby271
Anorogenic Metaluminous and Peraluminous Granite Plutonism in the Mid-Proterozo...Robert L. Cullers; J. Lawford Anderson; W. R. Van Schmus311
Evidence for Heterogeneous Primary MORB and Mantle Sources, NW Indian OceanFred A. Frey; Geoffrey Thompson; John S. Dickey; Wilfred B. Bryan; Hugh L. Davies387
Phase Relations Inferred from Field Data for Mn Pyroxenes and PyroxenoidsEric J. Essene; Philip E. Brown; Donald R. Peacor417
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