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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Contributions to mineralogy and petrologyC. W. Correns; I. S. E. Carmichael
The Shaw Bomb, and Ideal Hydrogen SensorW. D. Gunter; J. Myers; J. R. Wood23
Crystal Chemistry of Fe-Mg-CarpholitesK. Viswanathan; E. Seidel41
Isotopic Dating of the Emplacement of the Ultramafic Masses in the Serrania de ...H. N. A. Priem; N. A. I. M. Boelrijk; E. H. Hebeda; I. S. Oen; E. A. Th. Verdurmen; R. H. Verschure103
Tholeiitic and Alkali Basalts From the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 43° NFrederick A. Frey; Tsugio Shibata; Geoffrey Thompson127
A ReplyClaude T. Herzberg223
Geochronology of High-Pressure Rocks on Sifnos (Cyclades, Greece)Martin Okrusch; Eberhard Seidel; Manfred Schliestedt; Rainer Altherr; Hans Kreuzer; Wilhelm Harre; Heinz Lenz; Immo Wendt; Günther A. Wagner245
Elemental and Sr Isotope Variations in Basic Lavas From Iceland and the Surroun...M. Treuil; D. A. Wood; J.-L. Joron; M. Norry; J. Tarney319
Geochemical Characteristics of Central Chile (33°-34°S) GranitoidsFrederick A. Frey; Leopoldo Lopez-Escobar; Jorge Oyarzún439
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