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Das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv

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Contributions to mineralogy and petrologyC. W. Correns; I. S. E. Carmichael
Temporal Magmatic Variation at Boqueron Volcano, El SalvadorGregg E. Fairbrothers; Michael J. Carr; Darrell G. Mayfield1
Fractionation and Assimilation in the Borgtinderne Syenite, East GreenlandP. E. Brown; A. D. Chambers; R. D. Brown; N. J. Soper25
Early Proterozoic Isotopic Ages in the East Greenland Caledonian Fold BeltA. K. Higgins; J. D. Friedrichsen; D. C. Rex; A. R. Gledhill87
Metamorphism of Siliceous Dolomoites at Naxos, GreeceJ. Ben H. Jansen; Anton H. van de Kraats; Henk van der Rijst; Roelof D. Schuiling279
Trace-Element Distribution and Ore-Formation in Vein-Metasomised Peridodite at ...C. D. Curtis; D. A. Carswell; R. Kanaris-Sotiriou; F. G. F. Gibb289
The Role of Water in the 1944 Vesuvius EruptionDaniela Dolfi; Raffaello Trigila297
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