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Geologische RundschauWolf-Christian Dullo
EditorialWolf-Christian Dullo1
EditorialPeter Giese; J. Behrmann233
Intracontinental wedging and post-orogenic collapse in the Mesohellenic TroughT. Doutsos; I. Koukouvelas; A. Zelilidas; N. Kontopoulos257
Geochronology and Nd-Sr systematics of Lusatian granitoids : significance for t...A. Kröner; E. Hegner; J. Hammer; G. Haase; K.-H. Bielicki; M. Krauss; J. Eidam357
EditorialA. Kröner; H. Schandelmeier; R. J. Stern473
A structural synthesis of the Proterozoic Arabian-Nubian Shield in EgyptR. O. Greiling; M. M. Abdeen; A. A. Dardir; H. El Akhal; M. F. El Ramly; G. M. Kamal El Din; A. F. Osman484
U-Pb (zircon) ages for the gneissic terrane west of the Nile, southern EgyptM. Sultan; R. D. Tucker; Z. El Alfy; R. Attia; A. G. Ragab514
Precambrian basement around Wadi Haifa, Sudan: a new perspective on the evoluti...A. Kröner; R. J. Stern; R. Bender; T. Reichmann; A. S. Dawoud564
Evolution of the Neoproterozoic Delgo suture zone and crustal growth in Norther...H. Schandelmeier; D. P. F. Darbyshire; T. Denkler; M. Hengst591
The Darfur Dome, western Sudan : the product of a subconti­nental mantle plumeG. Franz; D. Pudlo; G. Urlacher; U. Haußmann; A. Boven; K. Wemmer614
Origin and regional significance of late Precambrian and early Palaeozoic grani...J.-L. Lenoir; D. Küster; J.-P. Liégeois; A. Utke; A. Haider; G. Matheis624
Tectonic framework of the Precambrian of Madagascar and its Gondwana connection...D. Ackermand; B. F. Windley; A. Razafiniparany; T. Razakamanana642
Comparison of the Jurassic and Cretaceous sedimentary cycles of Somalia and Mad...P. Luger; M. Gröschke; M. Bussmann; A. Dina; W. Mette; A. Uhmann; H. Kallenbach711
Sediment accretion against a buttress beneath the Peruvian continental margin a...N. Kukowski; R. von Huene; J. Malavieille; S. E. Lallemand822
Quaternary reactivation of flexural-slip folds by diapiric activity : example f...A. M. Casas; I. Gil; B. Leránoz; H. Millán; J. L. Simón853
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