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The effect of globalization on union bargaining and price-cost margins of firmsAbraham , Filip; Konings , Jozef; Vanormelingen , Stijn13
Overall trade specialization and economic development: countries diversifyDe Benerlictis , Luca; Gallegati , Marco; Tamberi , Massimo37
Specialization, outsourcing and wagesMunch , Jakob Roland; Rose Skaksen , Jan57
Country size and the trade effects of the euroBadinger , Harald; Breuss , Fritz207
Trade policy and specialization in developing countriesVolpe Martincus , Christina; Estevadeordal , Antoni251
Trade, imitative ability and intellectual property rightsFalvey , Rod; Forster , Neil; Greenaway , David[373]
How will growth in China and India affect the world economy?Dimaranan , Betina; Ianchovichina , Elena; Martin , Will551
Global manufacturing SO2 emissions: does trade matter?Grether , Jean-Marie; Mathys, Nicole A.; Melo , Jaime de713
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