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Analysis of Productivity Differences among Foreign and Domestic Firms: Evidence...Temouri , Yama; Driffield , Nigel L.; Higón , Dolores Añón32
Foreign Takeovers and Wages in HungaryCsengödi , Sándor; Jungnickel , Rolf; Urban , Dieter M.55
Purchasing Power Parity before and after the Adoption of the EuroZhou , Su; Bahmani-Oskooee , Mohsen; Kutan , Ali M.134
Some Further Evidence on Exchange-Rate Volatility and ExportsHondroyiannis , George; Swamy , P.A.V.B.; Tavlas , George; Ulan , Michael151
Strategic R&D Location in European Manufacturing IndustriesBelderbos , René; Lykogianni , Elissavet; Veugelers , Reinhilde183
Measuring Restrictiveness of Bilateral Trade Policies: A Comparison between Dev...Antimiani , Alessandro; Conforti , Piero; Salvatici , Luca207
Trade Specialization in Latin America: The Impact of China and IndiaLederman , Daniel; Olarreaga , Marcelo; Rubiano , Eliana248
Sunk Costs Hysteresis in Spanish Manufacturing ExportsMáñez , Juan A.; Rochina-Barrachina , Maria E.; Sanchis , Juan A.272
Outward FDI and Local Employment Growth in ItalyFederico , Stefano; Minerva , Gaetano Alfredo295
Aid, Policy and Growth: Does Aid Modality Matter?Ouattara , Bazoumana; Strobl , Eric347
Estimating the Impact of Time-Invariant Variables on FDI with Fixed EffectsDavies , Ronald B.; Ionascu , Delia; Kristjánsdóttir , Helga381
Privatization, Foreign Acquisition and the Motives for FDI in Eastern EuropeRoberts , Barbara M.; Thompson , Steve; Mikolajczyk , Katarzyna408
Innovation, Technology Transfer and Labor Productivity Linkages: Evidence from ...Apergis , Nicholas; Economidou , Claire; Filippidis , Ioannis491
Market Access Asymmetry in Food TradeOlper , Alessandro; Raimondi , Valentina509
What Determines Financial Development? Culture, Institutions or TradeHerger , Nils; Hodler , Roland; Lobsiger , Michael558
The U-Shaped Productivity Dynamics of French ExportersBellone , Flora; Musso , Patrick; Nesta , Lionel; Quere , Michel636
Is Exporting a Source of Productivity Spillovers?Alvarez , Roberto; López , Ricardo A.723
R&D and Exporting: A Comparison of British and Irish FirmsGirma , Sourafel; Görg , Holger; Hanley , Aoife750
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